Back to the review business

(Wednesday, November 23, 2011)

After several month, I want to back writing about review product. My last activity on coding is very hard to think about logical. So I think, I must writing someting to refresh my brain. This blog not maintenance on several month but still active. I love this blogger system. Free and making fun when I have nothing to do on a day.
Some programmer, everyday coding with their programming language and do not have activity to write on real language. OK. Starting to be blogger, writing everyda and make sense my brain life.

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Trial Making Money online by blog

(Tuesday, February 8, 2011)

My friend tell me about making money online from internet. So I decided to follow her system, that can make money from internet. I think this is imposible for me. Cause I can't make a script, and I don't know about coding. She just tell me. Write your idea and upload on your blog. If your article popular and have more traffic, that blog can make money with advertiser-publisher system.
Ho.. ho... I find the money system on this blogger system. So I follow the register to be adsense member. I hope, this can help me make money online. And I have idea to write more again.
More article more money she said.
I will try...

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I want she happy

(Thursday, May 21, 2009)

This is a good word to say, " I want she happy".
A a blog you can write anything you want. Don't afraid to say your feeling on your blog. Sometime people care about your idea and your feeling in writing. If you want your partner happy. say it. If you can write a letter for her. By email or by post mail. If you can't.
Blog it. Writing on your blog and say to the world cause you love her.
No more say... You want she happy..!

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Idea to make money online with free blogspot

(Monday, February 23, 2009)

Yesterday I find a program for my blogspot. This program is great for monetize my blogspot. Cause it is manual link to take the link on your blogspot. I have some wordpress blog to make money. And don't have and idea to increase my income for my spare time Writing beside Paid Review.
So I trial to search in search engine to make money with my blogspot. Free blog from google coorp. But some problem when join the program. Cause many link ads program on php and perl language. So, I can take text link to sell. After view hour I find the good program. And I take the affiliate link on side bar this blog. If you interest to monetise your blog with TExt link Ads program that approve your blogspot and without confuse with php or personal hosting, You can join with that from my affiliate link. Thanks.

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This story is from borneo. Called Kalimantan on Indonesia and Malaysia country. There are "dayak traditional culture on this island. This island have many coal and supply energy form Indonesian country for electricity, industry and transportation.
Many country have industri with coal energy. Most popular company have exlotation this island for coal. But sometime they are not care with forest and original people as "dayak" culture. Dayak have traditional ability to life with the forest. So sometime coal industry doesn't care with that. This is dilema. We want more energi, but we need forest for decreased heat global on earth. Solution is compromised with forest and people and make better world. :)

Good think to make better place on kalimantan island

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